Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Best Online Strategy Games - A review by ZelloGames

The Best Online Strategy Games
What are they? And where are they hiding?

A contemporary issue today is that most games, quite frankly, just suck. Especially strategy games, anywhere from turn based strategy to real time strategy and browser based RPG games.

Just remember all the games from a decade ago and how fun they were. Can you honestly find a game that is as fun to play as Age of Empires was? It is very rare nowadays, and that has made me quite upset.

I nearly lost hope trying to find a strategy game that I would enjoy, but then I found it: Empire.

The Solution - Empire Online! Click to Play the Best Online Strategy Games link below to try it out :D

If any game deserves to be among the list of the best online strategy games, it is this one.
Why, you ask?

Let me tell you what you can do in Empire that you can't do in many other games today. You can be powerful. That's right - so many games out there limit you in terms of what you can do.
Want to attack other players? no problem! Want to pillage their resources, steal their goods, and set them on fire? You can do that as well.

But what really sets is apart from the other browser based games that let you do the same thing is the fact that despite its simplicity on the surface, it is actually an extremely realistic simulation of the medieval kingdom times!

What do I mean?
I mean that if you were to truly get into this long-term strategy game, you would realize the importance of player interaction and get a feel for what castle lords used to deal with back in the medieval ages. Sounds cheesy? initially it might sound like it, but think about it:

You are the lord of one castle trying to expand. There are THOUSANDS of players around.
You can choose to compete and fight them alone, but they might group up and forge an alliance against you - and then you are in trouble. Why are you in trouble? because players can cause real damage in Empire and really set you back if they consistently attack you. On the other hand, successful attacks against other players are extremely rewarding. 
So then what do you do, forge an alliance of kings around you? Build an alliance of your own and create diplomatic pacts?
That might be the answer, but what happens if your ally needs your men in battle, and you don't have that many to spare? If you barely have enough to defend your own castle, and you send them out to war to fight for someone else leaving you completely defenseless? Is there any guarantee that your ally will back you up when YOU will be the one in need?

That was just one simple example of so many scenarios, many for which the complexity of the diplomacy and consequences of your actions have so much more depth to them.

So to TL;DR, why is Empire the best?

Because your decisions affect your gameplay significantly. If you are a wise King, there is no limit to the amount of power you can have. They say that every empire falls - now is your challenge to prove them wrong!

You can play Empire at for free. 

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