Thursday, 4 July 2013

Age of Empires Reborn: A dream come true

In our recent blog post we spoke about strategy games and recommended Empire, which in our opinion is the top game today.
The fact that it is free and browser based only makes it that much better.

So what is it about medieval strategy games that make them so appealing?

The Castle 
Lets be realistic here, who wouldn't LOVE living in a castle? Everyone secretly wants to be a king and rule their own castle and city, with city walls and a large gate, a moat covering all four sides, and armed troops protecting the kingdom

Tell me that this isn't awesome:

Or this one:

2. The idea of conquest

The ability to grow in strength and expand your presence and influence is appealing to anyone who has a competitive spirit. Imagine conquering the lands of your enemies and taking their land after winning a medieval battle - there is a level of appeal here that you can't really get with other types of games

3. Of course, the strategy component itself!

Making strategic decisions that lead you to victory or to failure and the ability to observe as the events unfold - for the good and the bad - after being forced to make important decisions.
And yes, even lack of decision making is a decision that has consequences in Empire

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